Orchestra Harmony is a  cyber security integration platform  focused on Identify and Protect as defined by the NIST cyber security framework. The first version of the platform is focused on policy control of all devices - both legitimate and ghost.


There is currently NO other solution in the market that provides continuous 360° policy control from IoT to Servers servers and everything in between.



Orchestra Group's core belief is that there are too many cybersecurity technology companies providing too many features - and too little management, integration and context. The Harmony continuous improvement platform is being built to solve the integration, management and context problem for devices, users and applications.

Without explicit policies, integration, and context - cybersecurity cannot be automated and next-generation threats cannot be met.


Only a unified platform that extends existing cyber anchors with innovation can solve the complex cybersecurity problem brought on by digitalization and the fall of the perimeter. 

Orchestra will continually seek out and invest in the most innovative cyber technologies in order to integrate these solutions into the Harmony platform, ensuring our customers keep one step ahead of their attackers.



“Platform of Choice” bridging cybersecurity gap between CISOs, IT and the business

Integrated Outside-in, Inside-out 360 Continuous Visibility, Access and Authorization for Zero-Trust

Executable policies democratize, rationalize and quantify cyber security