Orchestra is focus on Identify and Protect as defined by the NIST cyber security framework. Our first filer built on the platform is visibility and policy control of all devices - legitimate and ghost.


This is to bridge the gap that currently NO other solution in the market provides continuous 360° visibility, from IoT and USB to servers and everything in between.



Orchestra Group currently owns a multitude of companies that covers some of the areas of the attack on enterprises and governments.


Orchestra Group’s core belief is that the cyber industry faces multidisciplinary threats which can only be resolved by a unified platform that supports multi vendors best of breed cyber solutions existing in the organizations as well as new innovative  solutions that are owned by Orchestra Group.


We continually seeks to invest in emerging technologies and to integrate these disparate solutions under our platform to complement the existing platform proposition.



Continue to identify and prioritize the needs of customers

Implement technologies (acquire startups) whose meet those requirements to complement Orchestra Platform and portfolio 

Integrate as many products and technologies into our holistic offering


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