Harmony an Integrated Cyber Defense Platform

Harmony enables CISOs to shift focus to proactive “management by objectives” through high-level executable security policies. These policies define organizational security and compliance objectives as well as cyber risk appetite. This “policy as code” approach facilitates coordination, reporting, and separation of concerns between different stakeholders in cyber defense, compliance and risk
management. Orchestra executable policies utilize existing cyber technology anchors for existing “silos”, add new cyber innovations as needed and provide cross-silo mitigation enforced directly by Orchestra. Policies also provide a basis for the metrics, reporting, and processes of continuous improvement. Orchestra’s platform addresses three major roadblocks that make it difficult to manage cybersecurity:


  1. Fragmented technologies using different paradigms for each slice of the cybersecurity puzzle leading to cyber stacks of between 10-120 different technologies.

  2. Lack of standard metrics to measure, manage and benchmark cyber defense. This is crucial to drive efficiency, effectiveness and continuous improvement.

  3. Constant change is now the norm for business and IT. Cybersecurity requires constant tuning of the trade-offs between shifting IT\Business needs and cyber risk.



Harmony platform provides an integrated approach to defining, managing and operationalizing security objectives through high-level executable security policies. Orchestra’s initial focus is on continuous, adaptive, risk-based left-of-bang security.

Organizations benefit from regulations and best practices driving organizational security posture, rather than just as a checklist for assessment. Orchestra integrates regulations, best practices, threats, incidents, alerts, and processes as first-class citizens of cyber defense.
Security teams benefit from integrated operational security, cyber risk monitoring, and compliance providing the coverage metrics needed for continuous policy improvement.


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